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The Mid 60’s Manhattan New York City  , The South Pacific , and African coasts represent a few points around the globe which have been captured by the lenses of Michael Farnham. The first camera’s, “ Browning Hawkeye Box” and a “Belle and Howell”35mm auto , Michael put to use  on family vacations to New York and his hometown of Washington D.C. 

His path continued to United States Navy where he served in Naval Submarine Force, and as a Boat Captain with Navy Special Warfare. Though underwater and engaged in special operations, Michael took and collected images as he traveled the world in his Naval assignments around the world. 

Today Michael continues in his photography work both in recreational travel pictures and in his line of work as an engineer providing construction photography services his work travels. He has developed a strong sense of the field of view, strong colors, palate definition and framing the shot.

Michael’s recent accomplishments have included; 

· Having his work displayed at the Torpedo factories Art League Gallery, and Gallery 75. The torpedo factory is one of the largest galleries in country. 

· Contributing photographer for Getty images 

· Contributing photographer for National Geographic’s Your Shot program, with a couple recent editors’ favorites’ selections.

· Contributing artist to the U S Department of State " Arts in Embassies Program.